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Towing Tips: Should You Choose a Single Axle Trailer?

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When purchasing a new trailer, there are important factors that you must take into account. One of these crucial aspects is the type of axle installed. The specific component will determine the performance of your new rig.

There are two categories of axles: single and tandem. The single design has one axle, and there is a wheel attached on each end. This component is connected to the trailer structure using clamps or springs. The tandem or double design uses two axles which distribute the load. If you are looking for a simple trailer for regular hauling, the single axle is a good choice. However, it is still important to compare it to the alternative.

Here are essential towing tips to help you make your decision.

Understand the Weight

Single axle trailers are favoured because their weight is low. This means that it is more economical in terms of fuel usage when towing. However, the maximum load capacity of this design is lower than that of the tandem alternative of a similar size. Therefore, when choosing your trailer, it is important to know the weight you will be handling. The single axle trailer is usually enough for most haulage uses because people rarely load trailers to maximum capacity. However, the tandem might be the better choice if you would like more capacity without purchasing a bigger trailer.

Consider Manoeuvrability

When choosing your trailer, it is important to take manoeuvrability into account, especially if you are new to towing. In general, single axle trailers are easier to handle in comparison to a similarly sized tandem axle. This makes the former the ideal choice. Also, it is easier to park a single axle trailer. You should evaluate your towing routes and destination and determine whether handling and parking will be a limitation. You should note that lighter single axle trailers, unlike the tandem, do not have dedicated brakes and must depend on the towing vehicle. If this is a concern for you, consider installing braking accessories.

Calculate the Costs  

Finally, you should calculate and compare the cost of selecting single and double axle trailers. As you might expect, the purchase price of the single axle design is lower. However, this is not the only potential aspect of cost reduction. The fuel economy of the simpler option could mean long-term savings. In addition, there are fewer parts in the single axle trailers, making maintenance easier and cheaper. The dual axles of the tandem design mean more upkeep and higher long-term costs.