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Three reasons to consider fitting 3D floor mats to your vehicle

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When you purchase a new car you will want to keep it clean and tidy for as long as you possibly can. One of the most effective ways of preserving the interior of your vehicle is by using floor mats. Anywhere that you walk will inevitably lead to dust collecting on your shoes and when you get into the car the dust will often transfer from your feet to the floor of your vehicle. The floor mats will help to keep the dirt off the car floor and ensure that it stays looking great for longer.

The advantages of floor mats may be obvious but which type of mats should your choose? Rubber floor mats are widely used and may even have been supplied for free when you bought your car — but are they the best option? A common alternative is 3D floor mats. Here are three reasons that you should consider using 3D floor mats in your car.

A custom-fit - When you purchase rubber floor mats for your car, you will probably pick a standard size that happens to be the closest to the size that you need. A mat which is a close match for your vehicle will certainly help catch most of the dirt, but it is never going to catch all of it. There is still going to be some dirt which escapes the mat and finds its way to the floor. When you buy 3D floor mats, they are designed as a custom fit for your vehicle. As a custom fit, there is no area that they are not able to protect and keep clean.  

A great design - Rubber floor mats often catch dirt which then rolls off the mat as your feet move around during the journey. In contrast, 3D floor mats are designed to capture and hold the dirt so that nothing will spill out and make your car dirty. The design of the mats also ensures that they stay put. This means the mats won't slide around and get in your way while you are driving.

A long-lasting solution - Rubber mats can often tear or rip after only a short while, but 3D floor mats are designed to be durable and to last for many years. To find out more about how 3D floor mats can benefit you and your car, reach out to your local supplier today.